R B Thiruvengadam
Lighting Designer and Lighting Consultant
R. B Thiruvengadam received his Bachelors in Architecture from TVB School of Habitat Studies and Masters from School of Planning & Architecture, Delhi. He trained and practised as an architect prior to focusing on the unique relationship between light and architecture. He has worked with Gian P Mathur and Mandala for several years and is currently an associate professor at Sushant School of Art & Architecture, Ansal University, Gurugram.
Shreedevi VK is a gold medalist graduate from NIT Calicut and has done her post graduation from SPA Delhi in Urban Design. She has worked with a diverse range of firms from Inform in Bangalore to Benny Kuriakose & Architects in Kochi & Chennai. As a designer Shreedevi has always believed Mies van der Rohe's phrase "God is in the Detail". Her experience in the past has helped in making her an efficient task master and facilitate collaboration with architects and clients alike.
Simran Raswant
Simran Raswant graduated with a Bachelor's degree from Sushant School of Art and Architecture in Gurgaon. She has worked with r+d studio, Gurgaon and Mathew and Ghosh Architects,Bangalore prior to her association with URI.

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